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Keeping Adult Pets
Happy & Healthy

Adult Pet CareOnce puppies or kittens reach approximately one year of age, they are considered adults, and with the new designation come different health care needs. Many pet owners believe that past the puppy or kitten stage, all their pet needs is annual vaccinations. Additionally, many cat owners feel that indoor felines have no or minimal ongoing health care needs. In reality, routine wellness exams are essential for keeping your adult animal healthy. Dogs and cats age much faster than we do, so a disease can progress from initial onset to serious illness in a short period of time. For example, if your kitty or pup were to miss an annual exam for two years, it would be the equivalent of you not seeing a doctor or dentist for 15 to 20 years—yikes!

A thorough physical examination is recommended for adult pets once a year. Adult patients with chronic conditions, including those on long-term prescription medications, may need to be seen more frequently.

Your Pet’s Annual Wellness Exam Will Include:

  • A thorough physical exam (includes eyes, ears, nose, throat, coat, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, genitals, lymph nodes, oral cavity, weight, GI, and central nervous system)
  • Personalized vaccinations based on your pet’s risk of disease exposure
  • Recommended veterinary diagnostic tests based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, and overall health
  • A dental exam
  • Recommendations for flea, tick, and heartworm control
  • An evaluation of your pet’s diet and nutritional health
  • Review of your pet’s current medications and discussion of any newly prescribed medications
  • Scan for microchip efficacy, position, and ease of detection
  • Evaluation of any new symptoms or behavioral changes

Wellness examinations give your veterinarian an opportunity to minimize potential health risks through early detection and treatment.

Adult Pet Care
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Adult Pet Care
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Odyssey goes above and beyond my expectations, and truly cares about my dog. We will always come back to Odyssey and highly recommend it to anyone who asks!
— Meagan

Dr. Bruss is great—he is very kind and caring. He called us several times to explain our options and didn’t pressure us to make a particular decision.
— Anne

My dog sees Dr. Stokes for his vet care and she is the best vet ever. She understands my dog’s unique needs and I highly recommend them!
— Debra

No matter which vet we've seen, they’ve always been loving and compassionate whether we were there just for yearly vaccinations or for something a bit more serious.
— Melanie

I am in love with all of the staff at this facility. If I could, I would want to be treated there, but sadly, they only take the four legged types...
— Terri

Wouldn’t go anywhere else! I feel surrounded by people that love animals as much as I do. Wouldn’t change a thing.
— Powder78

Services are very reasonably priced and we've never felt like we had any unnecessary procedures or products pushed on us. we really feel that we can trust Dr. Bruss and Odyssey Veterinary Care with our cats’ health.
— Onion Girl

Dr. stokes has seen our family through kitten to senior cat, puppy and loss of dog, new puppy and everything in the middle! We think the care our animals get here is top notch!
— Courtney

Great people, great care! You've all made such a difference in my life and Abby's too. Thanks Odyssey Staff!
— June

When they prescribed my dog eye drops for an infection, they gave me the instructions and then called me within a 48 hour period to ask me how the medication was going and if I had any questions.
— Debra

They are very friendly and very thorough. The dog loves them, and she’s shy, so that’s a good thing. We have always had a lot of confidence in what they have told us.
— Sandra

They happily accommodate our special request to see our big dogs in their fenced back yard, since our 100-pound German Shepherd gets nervous in a small examination room.
— Peter

We bring our dog to Odyssey Vet Clinic and will continue to do so as long as we live in this area. They are the best vets we’ve ever had.
— David

They are very friendly, and they always remind you of when your appointments are. They are the top veterinary hospital in Madison. They are very good.
— Sandy