Pet dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays are an Essential Part of a Complete Dental Cleaning, ad 70% of Gum Disease Lies Below the Gum Line Where it Cannot be Detected Without X-Rays

Like an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean, many of the indications of dental disease are hidden beneath the gum line. Digital dental X-rays (also known as radiographic imaging) are an important tool in diagnosing and treating dental conditions. They allow our veterinarians to assess the heath of your pet’s mouth from the insides of the crowns, roots, and tissue under the gum line. For example, a tooth with a chipped crown may have healthy internal structures and roots and require no treatment; while a normal appearing crown with inflamed gum may show advanced root infection, requiring removal of the tooth to avoid ongoing pain.

Canine Premolar: Crown appears visually normal but one root has completely eroded from decay.
End Stage FORL: Tooth crown is missing but inflamed root remains (can be very painful).

Dental X-rays are vital in the diagnosis of periodontal disease. Radiographic imaging aids in the discovery of bone density loss around tooth roots, indicating the early phases of the disease. In more advanced stages, tooth extraction determinations can be made by evaluating the loss of bone support around the root of the affected tooth.

Other Indications In Which Dental X-Rays May Be Recommended

  • BROKEN TEETH – Signs of root tip infection can be determined
  • DISCOLORED TEETH – Evaluation of the pulp chamber for indications of root tip infection
  • SWELLING ON THE FACE UNDER THE EYE – Determine if there is an infection of the root tip or cystic teeth
  • RESORPTIVE LESIONS (CAVITIES ALONG THE GUM LINE) – To assess changes in the tooth root and surrounding bone tissue
  • ORAL TUMORS – Determine if there is bone involvement
  • PRE- AND POST TOOTH EXTRACTION – Ensure that all the roots have been removed
  • MISSING TEETH – Ensure there are no roots or tooth fragments below the gum line
  • ORAL SURGERY – Determine the presence and/or extent of oral fractures and assess margins for oral tumor surgery
  • FULL MOUTH SERIES – Ensure that all teeth, roots, and bone appear healthy.

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