Pet ICU in Fitchburg WI

Intensive Care

ICU: Specialized Care For Critically Ill and Post-Operative Patients

At Odyssey Veterinary Care, we understand the stress and anxiety you may feel when your pet is ill or hospitalized for a surgical procedure. Our intensive care unit (ICU) offers our critically ill and post-operative patients the extra care they require in order to make a safe and speedy recovery.

Pet ICU in Fitchburg, WI

This state-of-the-art unit is centrally located in the treatment area, which provides the capability for continuous monitoring. Each ICU cage is individually heated and equipped to deliver oxygen and aerosolized medications. While many of our patients sleep due to the warm oxygenated environment, our veterinarians and technicians are never more than a few steps away should your critter need additional medications, a walk on the patio, a snack, or perhaps just a long head scratch or belly rub. For patients requiring overnight care, we can work with you and our local emergency and specialty centers to coordinate ongoing intensive care.

You can take comfort knowing that your furry family member will be getting the highest quality care possible from our certified veterinary staff and experienced veterinarians. Their continuous monitoring routine includes checking the patient’s temperature, mentation, heart and respiratory rate, and pain score. Sequential lab work may be performed to assess response to treatment. Timely communication with owners is a top priority to keep you informed and allow for input and feedback about the ongoing care for your pet.

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