Dr. Elizabeth Stokes

Dr. Elizabeth Stokes graduated from UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 1987 as a member of the charter class and has practiced small animal veterinary medicine for 35 years. She founded Odyssey Veterinary Care in 2006 with one goal – to provide exceptional care to patients and their people. Odyssey joined Mission Veterinary Practices in 2020 to allow medical staff to continue to focus on that goal.
Her areas of special interest are feline medicine, internal medicine, geriatric care, and stem cell therapy.

Throughout her career, Dr. Stokes has enjoyed the advancements in veterinary care, including better diagnostics and treatment options, as well as complementary care.  Technological advancements also allow for electronic medical records and easy access to specialists and other veterinary colleagues allowing great communication and collaboration.

Providing stem cell therapy has become a passion over the past several years and she is thrilled to be offering this new option to effectively and safely treat many chronic inflammatory diseases and orthopedic disease like hip dysplasia and ligament damage.
Dr. Stokes also loves traveling, running,  triathlon training, and just about everything outside. Close friends and family ties are the icing on the cupcake of her life.