Chelsea was scooped up by the Odyssey family in February of 2014. She had been working at a local restaurant when Emily offered her a job due to her bubbly personality and shining smile. Chelsea currently lives in Madison with her adorable tuxedo kitty aptly named Pandora and an orange and white long hair kitty named James T. Kirk (called Jim), and her very grumpy hedgehog Mokey Fraggle. Pandora is a very sweet girl who loves belly rubs! Jim is a snuggle-bug but also has a mischievous streak. He just loves getting in trouble… and the ladies! Chelsea actually raised Mokey from a tiny baby due to her mother rejecting her.

Having been born with a cat in her cradle, as she likes to put it, has allowed Chelsea to enjoy animals from infancy. She had quite the menagerie of pets growing up – cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, a rabbit and even chickens. Chelsea lived in the country through her childhood and her next door neighbors were some very sweet cows who loved to accept grass treats from her and her three younger brothers. Chelsea enjoys reading science fiction/fantasy novels, watching movies from the same genre, reading comic books, and going on walks in the green spaces around the Madison area. She loves to draw and paint, write, go to karaoke with friends, and of course cuddle with her kitties.

Chelsea feels that she has been very fortunate to have become a part of the Odyssey team. “I could never imagine a day in my life without an animal in it. They have always been there for me and I think I am the luckiest duck to have found myself in a position where I can be there for them.”