Puppy and kitten wellness

Puppy & Kitten Wellness

Start Your New Puppy or Kitten Off On The Right Paw

When you bring home a new puppy or kitten, it doesn’t take long for that new little ball of fluff to wiggle its way into your heart. It is only natural that you want the very best for your new critter family member. Sooner than you think, reality will set in: What should I feed this little dickens and how much? What about housebreaking and behavior? What do I do if he or she gets sick? Should my pet be vaccinated?

The professionals at Odyssey Veterinary Care understand how overwhelming becoming a new pet parent can be, and we are dedicated to partnering with you to ensure a long, happy, healthy life for your new baby. One look into those big doughy eyes will make you want to give your kitten or puppy the world, and you can get a good start with the gift of excellent health care by coming in for his or her first veterinary visit shortly after you bring him or her home.

Kitty or Puppy’s First Veterinary Visit

Just as in human infants, young pets need special attention if they are to grow and thrive. Our initial kitten and puppy exams generally take a bit longer than traditional exams as they are packed full of important information. We also want to allow ample time to answer any questions you may have concerning your new pet’s health, nutrition, and behavior.

Due to your new pal’s rapid growth and the number of changes he or she is experiencing, most new kittens and puppies will have two veterinary visits typically about two to three weeks apart. Any booster vaccines needed beyond these first visits can be done as quick technician appointments.

You Can Expect the First Visit to Include:

  • A comprehensive physical examination of your puppy or kitten (be sure to bring medical records or adoption papers with you)
  • Your puppy or kitten’s first vaccinations or boosters and a plan for any additional vaccines indicated
  • Testing for intestinal parasites and de-worming (we recommend you bring in a fresh stool sample, less than six hours old)
  • Testing for viruses in kittens—Feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus
  • Beginning heartworm preventive and parasite control medication (free doses of Simparica Trio are included in our Puppy Packs)
  • Information about spaying and neutering
  • Nutrition discussion—What and how much to feed
  • Information about behavior and what to expect or modify (including house training for puppies)
  • Review the advantages of microchipping your pet— Improve Your Chances of Finding Your Lost Pet 
  • PET INSURANCE!!! We recommend all new pet parents look into pet insurance while their critter is young and premiums are at their lowest cost. Many owners even obtain insurance before their first vet visit so that no “pre-existing conditions” can be discovered and therefore deemed ineligible for future coverage. As pet owners ourselves, we know how stressful and frightening it can be to have a sick pet. Pet insurance can give you peace of mind in knowing you will never have to sacrifice your pet’s health due to large or unexpected health care costs.

Read more about selecting a pet insurance policy that fits the needs of your pet.