Pet Care

Pet Care

Maximizing Pet Health Through Preventative Veterinary Care

When it comes to animal health care, many pet owners assume their furry companions are healthy until they start showing signs of illness. At Odyssey Veterinary Care, we believe that preventive medicine maximizes your pet’s health at every stage of his or her life. As you and your animal companion journey through life together, your pet’s health care needs will change. Our doctors are committed to preparing and guiding you through each of your pet’s life stages while addressing his or her ever-changing needs.

Veterinarians recommend routine wellness exams for the same reason your physician and dentist do for you—to detect health problems before they become serious illnesses. Regular exams and testing allow our veterinarians to monitor for small but significant health changes. Generally, the advantages of early detection include more treatment options, care that is less costly, and a significantly better chance for recovery.

Although we Recognized That Each Animal Companion is Unique, The Foundation of Each of Our Wellness Exams Will Include the Following:

  • A thorough physical exam (includes eyes, ears, nose, throat, coat, skin, heart, lungs, abdomen, genitals, lymph nodes, oral cavity, weight, GI, and central nervous system)
  • Personalized vaccinations based on your pet’s risk of disease exposure
  • Recommended veterinary diagnostic tests based on your pet’s breed, age, lifestyle, and overall health
  • dental exam
  • Recommendations for flea, tick, and heartworm control
  • An evaluation of your pet’s diet and nutritional health
  • Review of your pet’s current medications and discussion of any newly prescribed medications
  • Evaluation of any new symptoms or behavioral changes